Wednesday, January 7, 2009

“The New Relationship” a Valentine's Retreat & Workshop

I am very excited about our Valentine’s Week Retreat on Love, Romance, and Relationship, coming up February 9 ~ 13, 2009, here at the beach in Chacala, NayarĂ­t, Mexico.

Here are ten reasons
you might want to join me and us for this special Valentine’s Week Retreat for singles and couples. . .

  1. You want to do something special for Valentine’s Day.
  2. You want to treat yourself and someone you love to a new way of being in love together.
  3. You are single, and want to learn more about real love.
  4. You want to improve your relationship for Valentine’s week.
  5. You want to deepen your understanding and practice of my Five Agreements for The New Relationship.
  6. Your relationships fail to work, and you want to learn why.
  7. You dream of successful romantic relationships and are looking for a teaching that will support your dream.
  8. You love Mexican food and culture, and you want to immerse yourself in it (the culture, not the food!).
  9. You want to get out of the cold and enjoy the tropical beach in a wonderful small village with great seafood that is easy to reach and comfortable and safe to relax in.
  10. Number 10 is for you to fill in the blank, then come! ___________.
Last evening, on the way back to my home after my daily sunset beach walk, I was enjoying the soft warm/cool tropical air, when I looked up and saw the half moon hanging directly over my head. Venus was appearing as the first star, over the ocean in the west. I thought to myself, why aren’t YOU here, too?? Why are YOU putting up with the cold and wet, when you could be here?? Big Mystery.

Note: The moon will be full on the first day of our retreat. Come early.

One the other hand, we don’t want everyone here. That would be a bit much. So, we are letting you select yourselves. Those of you that haven’t fallen under the spell that I hear is going around up there, something about financial Armageddon, end of the world, lack, collapse, poverty, fear fear fear—those of you free still to dream—you are the ones. Come on down!

I am going to be sharing one of my Five Agreements for the New Relationship one each day of our retreat. They are on my website here with explanations, but here my new agreements as a list:
  1. "Your nature is Love. You are the source of Love in your life."
  2. "You are not responsible for causing people’s emotional reactions to your reality."
  3. "Being the source of love, you are complete within yourself."
  4. "The Truth is more important than the outcome of the Relationship."
  5. "True happiness is the result of love coming out of you."
These agreements are also available as a set of five audio CD’s in the store here. You can book the trip, order the CD’s, pack your swimsuit, and you are ready!

While you are here, there will be lots of time to relax, tan, swim, read, walk, and enjoy the sea, sun, and sand. Whether you are single or in a couple, I guarantee you this week will be a treat for you in more ways than you can imagine.

Chacala is a still-little-known paradise, only 90 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, on Mexico’s west coast. The half-mile beach is clean, the surf gentle, and the local people are as warm and friendly as the sun and ocean.

The seafood in the beach-side palapa restaurants is fresh every day. The beer is cold, the salsa spicy, the chips crisp, and the view stunning. And I live here! What a great dreamer I must be!!

Lynn in the California Joydancer office and I can help you make arrangements for lodging and ground transportation to Chacala. Rooms with kitchen, bath, and hot water, start at about $40 USD and go up as far as you could want. Food is reasonable. People are finding cheap tickets, too. Want help with air fares? Go here.

The cost of the Valentine’s Retreat with me (think “love, romance, and relationship”) is $600 for the five days. What a deal! ($120 per day!).

Well, the rest is up to you. Operators are standing by (Lynn will actually be away from the office from Wednesday January 13 thru Sunday January 17th so hurry!).

Contacts for information and registration:

BEST: Register and make a deposit in the Joydancer Store here

Joydancer California office:

Allan in Chacala:
  • E-mail: 

  • Skype: “allanhardman” –
  • OR (707) 206-7623 – rings on my laptop.
Chacala landline, from US dial: 011-52 (327) 219-4012

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